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..."Honestly, they are amazing with the little ones!"

..."My son has been there for 3 years now and loves it...With their nurturing , accepting and fun ways they have built his confidence beyond measure. They are a local, family run business and make their dojo feel like a family. I am a teacher and have crazy high expectation - MMA is the only place! Their Little Dragons program for 4 year olds is fabulous. Sensei Kyle and Renshi Mike are great with the kids and keep the parents watching cracking up!"


..."I highly recommended Millennium Martial Arts for any child or adult who is interested in karate, my son has been  a student since kindergarten, he is now in 5th grade and not only is he learning fine martial arts but he has also learned how to focus better, have discipline and respect for others. The instructors have gone far and beyond to teach and help my son, they have all dedicated themselves to my child's success not only in martial arts but in everyday life. They also have some family oriented extra activities like a movie night and the Dojo Olympics picnic which is great fun for the kids and families."

..."This is THE place for your child to begin karate. The instructors here have made MMA not a business but a welcoming family for each child and their families.  While challenging "typically developing" students they also have experience in dealing with and compassion for children with special needs (my son has over responsive sensory issues) and  allowing them reasonable accommodations while holding them accountable for no less then what they are capable of, which will surprise you! In addition, the children (and parents!) learn self control, respect, self worth and a host of other skills that go above and beyond anything I have seen in any organized sport my kids have been involved in.  I have said before that those who teach karate at MMA are  not only teachers of karate but teachers of life and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!"

...more reviews at https://www.facebook.com/LongIslandKarate/reviews

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Traditional Katas are an important part of our curriculum for all ages.
With almost 2000 sq. ft. of immaculately maintained Dojo floor space, we have plenty of room for our students to train during Friday open floor nights.
Parents are able to observe all classes in the same room, just a few feet off the Dojo floor.
Upcoming Events 
•   Nov 27 Thursday Thanksgiving Day - Dojo Closed
•   Nov 28 Friday Regular Evening Classes Cancelled
BUT...Sensei Nancy is Hosting a 
Team Based, Fun, Modified Versions of all excercises so anyone can participate.

$10 per person to participate - Half goes to the MS Society, the other Half goes to the winning team!

 Click Here to Sign Up!
•   Dec 4 Thursday GEAR UP! (Level 3 Invited)
•   Dec 5 Friday Dojo Movie Night 7pm-10pm
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•   Dec 19 Friday Children Holiday Party
All Regular Classes Cancelled
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•   Dec 20 Saturday GEAR UP! SPECIAL CLASS
Combined Level 2 & 3 Class
1.5 Hour Sparring Class
•   Dec 24 Wednesday Christmas Eve - Dojo Closed
•   Dec 25 Thursday Christmas Day - Dojo Closed
•   Dec 31 Wednesday New Years Eve - Dojo Closed
•   Jan 1 Thursday New Years Day - Dojo Closed
•   Jan 7 Wednesday Belt Promotion Testing
Levels 1, 2, 3  6pm
BBC               7pm
Adult             8pm
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Traditional Okinawan Karate

  • Open and Closed Hand Techniques
  • Elbow Striking and Blocking
  • Kicks and Knee Techniques
  • Tuite & Kyoshu Jitsu (Grappling/Joint locks and Vital Point)
  • Mental & Physical Fitness, Conditioning, and Stress Relief

Our school is dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality instruction to Adults and Children of all ages (our Little Dragons program is for ages 3-5).  We offer numerous classes 7 days a week to allow you to maximize your membership and fit training time into your schedule.

The Children & Adult Programs are fun, promote fitness, and provide excitement for the family. We instill in our instructors and students the concepts of Bushido - positive attitudes, honor, integrity, humbleness, courage, respect, and discipline while learning a true life protection art. In the 20 years that we have been teaching Martial Arts, we have developed many innovative drills and teaching methods that make learning Karate an enriching experience.

We work diligently to exemplify our 5 Dojo Kun and are guided by the virtues of Ryukyu Kempo Guiding Principles. Our goal is to preserve the traditions of Okinawan Karate-Do and provide an atmosphere that is conducive to safe and responsible martial arts training for those looking to improve their life through better health and physical fitness.

Whether you are looking for something personally challenging, or to teach your child discipline and structure we have a program that will surely meet your expectations.

We are particularly proud of the success we have with children that have special needs. 


CALL NOW 631-499-0600 or email us at ForMoreInfo@millenniummartialarts.com  to learn about our various programs and to schedule a FREE Trial Class.

Conveniently located for residents of Smithtown, Commack, Hauppauge, Kings Park, Nesconset.

Groupon Intro Offer

Black Friday and Saturday Special Promo Sale
Hours: Black Friday 11am-2pm and Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm

The following offers are available for a limited time only during the Promo Sale!


  • 5-Pack of 30-minute Private Lessons for $175
    (take an additional 15% Discount for Cash Purchase - a $25 savings!)*

  • Dojo T-shirt 20% OFF Blowout $13.60 (regularly $17)
  • Weapons - All in-stock weapons 10% off
  • New Members - 25% OFF our Unlimited Class 6-Week Introductory Package
    (Only $104.25 and includes a FREE Uniform (or $99 for Cash Purchase)
    Existing Members - See the front desk to learn how to give this as a gift to a friend!

  • Former Students - Resume your training and get 50% off your first monthly or quarterly tuition fee.
    Save $75 if you pay monthly or $200 if you pay quarterly!

  • Birthday Parties - Book a Birthday Party and get 10% off the base party price!
    A Savings of $30! Parties can be booked up to six months in advance!

*Private Lesson 5-Packs must be used by February 28, 2015

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Millennium Martial Arts

385-11 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Smithtown, NY 11787
Phone: 631.499.0600
email:   ForMoreInfo@millenniummartialarts.com

Monday - Thursday    3:00pm - 8:30pm

Friday                         3:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday                     8:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday                       9:00am -10:00am

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